September 28, 2023

For those who are on the go, a Raw Gummed is a great way to keep your tobacco on hand. Besides, it’s also easy to adjust the length of the roll. Then, there’s the snap that allows you to roll it up. If you’re a smoker who likes to carry around a lot of tobacco, a Raw Gummed is destined to be your favorite.


Perforated raw gummed filter tips are a new fad on the block. They are made with the same quality paper used to make the renowned RAW gummed tips. Not only are they perforated, but they come in a nice sized box. One can’t help but ooh and aah over a set of these. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

For starters, a set of these filter tips is the perfect way to show off to your friends and family. And, if you’re a store owner, the display case will prove to be an excellent sales tool. You might also want to pick up a few sets of these little gems for your store counter. With all of the above in mind, you’re sure to have a smoky good time with your customers.


If you are looking for a tape that is eco-friendly and recyclable, then you should definitely consider purchasing the raw gummed fiber-based tapes. This kind of tape is widely used for different purposes and can be recycled with corrugated boxes and paper bags.

The global gummed tapes market is expected to reach an incremental opportunity of US$ 860 Mn by 2031. Fiber-reinforced gummed tapes are gaining immense popularity due to their high mechanical strength and convenience during application.

Moreover, they are able to resist moisture and are 100% recyclable. These types of tapes are gaining huge demand from the food & beverage and logistics sectors. Hence, they are expected to be the leading segment in the gummed tapes market by 2031.

However, high cost of fiber-reinforced gummed tapes may hinder the growth of this segment. However, the overall gummed tapes market is predicted to expand at a 6.2% CAGR during the assessment period.

Raw Gummed Perforated Filter Tips

Natural products

In the smoking space, RAW has amassed a swagbag worthy of a royal flush. Besides the ubiquitous cigars and the requisite lubes, the company has a knack for making smoking more fun and more affordable. Among its ilk are gummed natural products, gummed e-mails, gimmick-free bongs and a good assortment of branded and unbranded vaporizers. The best of the best is in a state of the art facility in Orange County, California. This is where you can find the magic and a good time with a top notch hickory staff. For a more personal touch, you can call the RAW hotline at 888.296.050 to make a swell afternoon of it.

Enhance your smoking experience

The RAW Perforated Gummed Filter Tips have a great filtering power and are made of naturally unbleached tip paper. They are also free from chemicals and are manufactured by a fourdrinier paper machine. This makes the tips easy to rip and roll. These tips are perfect for anyone who wants a smooth rolling experience.

With the RAW Pre-Rolled Tips, you can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free smoking session. Their design ensures perfect airflow and you will never run out of tips. You will never have to worry about clogging your joint, since their tips are lined with a lickable gum line. Plus, they are made of safe, natural materials, so you can roll with confidence. Unlike other products on the market, these tips are chlorine free, so you can be sure that they are safe.